Welcome To My Life

To me, there are few things like a good photograph. By good, I don't mean technically perfect and I usually don't mean posed.  Personally, I prefer gritty and grainy photos.  I like photos that evoke some kind of emotion and make me feel vaguely uncomfortable, which is something I think you can see in most... Continue Reading →


My Trouble With Twitter

Twitter. Oh, Twitter. I just don't like you. I'm fully aware that I should use you to promote myself and my writing, especially if I want to be a freelance writer, but I just don't like you, and I don't understand you. So, I guess, to better understand you I should start with the basics... Continue Reading →

My Digital Life

When I was in grade school, I constantly begged my mother to let me get Facebook.  All the cools kids have it, I would tell her.  Even the not cool kids have it, I would tell her.  Do you really want me to be the sole child in my grade who does not have Facebook,... Continue Reading →

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