Welcome To My Life

To me, there are few things like a good photograph.

By good, I don’t mean technically perfect and I usually don’t mean posed.  Personally, I prefer gritty and grainy photos.  I like photos that evoke some kind of emotion and make me feel vaguely uncomfortable, which is something I think you can see in most of my artistic photography.

That being said, when it comes to social photography, I don’t always try to make my pictures look artsy.  In fact, most of the pictures you’re going to see me post are quick shots I took at concerts just so I’d have always have a piece of them with me. I normally don’t just post pictures because I like my photos to have some kind of meaning. I’m not really interested in just posting things from my everyday life because I don’t feel like they’re interesting or significant and I like my photos to mean something.

Because of this, it was actually kind of hard for me to do the photo essays for class.  It was hard for me to just take my phone out and snap a picture of whatever was in front of me at the moment. The filtered photos, though, I was okay with because I could try to express myself with them. So, I think this was the biggest difference between my two photo essays– the accurate one was just kind of blah and uncreative and the filtered one was my attempt at making something weird and meaningful.  (If you haven’t noticed, I like weird things.)

Some people may think I come off as pretentious because almost everything I do or try to insinuate on social media (and my real life) has to do with creating something artful and deep. Maybe I am pretentious sometimes, but I’m honestly just trying to be creative and do something important.  This might sound kind of bad, but I don’t really care what my classmates or anyone (besides maybe Karl Warma) thinks of my photography because it’s so personal to me.

Just because I don’t like to post trivial things (read pictures of food–unless its cheesecake) all the time, doesn’t mean I think other people shouldn’t.  I think, however, whatever you want to say or express in your photography is great as long it means something to you.

I don’t think the accurate photo essay really presents a good understanding of who I am, but the filtered one does (or at least, I hope it does). I did the best I could at being creative with my everyday life. I wasn’t ethically concerned about anything while I was making my essays. I didn’t include pictures of anyone, so I didn’t need to worry about getting permission for using them.  And don’t tell anyone, but I don’t think you always need permission to take pictures of people, especially if you can’t identify them, when doing creative photography.

Here are my photo essays: social-photography.





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